Time After Time

- performed by best friends

I wasn’t lying when I said that you’re like home. You’re familiar, you’re safe. You were my first love. You haven’t been my only love, and that’s okay. The point is, you’ve nearly always been there when I’ve needed you, even after we broke up. My actual home has never given me quite the same sense of comfort and security that you do.
Home (via mutilatedmemories)
18 Years of Loveliness.


Today, 2nd September 2014, my best friend has turned 18. So all of you who somehow stumbled upon this post go wish empty-faces-empty-eyes a happy birthday. Right NOW! I’m sure it would bring a little smile to her face and her smile is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So please … please tell her something…

Relationships These Days (10 Pics)
Relationships These Days (10 Pics)